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Aero Affinity Holding can represent your company in the USA by providing your business a virtual address, concierge services, representing you in talks with the media, and stakeholders such as insurance companies, financial institutions and others. You do not need to be present in the US, we can handle it all for you. Your company will look very professional and you will reduce costs.


Virtual Address - Your company does not need to spend thousands in rent and keeping an office running in order to have a US presence. Aero Affinity can let your company use our address as your virtual address.


Concierge Services - We offer a dedicated phone calls answering and distribution service so your company can look professional.


Public Relations - We can elaborate and assist your company to develop and and share press releases. Also, we can provide your company professional Media Relations.


Advocacy Services - Aero Affinity can represent your company and advocate your demands with stakeholders such as insurance companies, financial institutions, class institutions, representatives, FAA, and others. We work to achieve your best interests.


Financing Solutions - We can assist your company to structure operations and to be compliant in order to receive benefits from the US credit system and financial institutions. We can help you to define strategies, elaborate business plans, etc.


After Sales Support - We understand the challenges of taking care of “picky" customers demands overseas. It involves logistics, it requires time, it can get costly. Hiring someone in the US that already knows your customer and the market practices is always the most consistent solution.


Insurance Solutions - Every year it goes, Aerospace insurance prices are skyrocketing. And you know that is a US customer will always consider insurance cost when buying your aircraft. Insurance can be a deal-breaker. For this reason, we are always in touch with insurance companies pitching them and bringing awareness on the safety features of the aircraft we represent. Pitching insurance underwriters is a very necessary “behind-the-scenes” task for a successful sale environment.

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