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We know that red tapes and bureaucracies are painful when it comes to international trade. A single operation can end costing way more than what you have budgeted. Most of this happens because, usually this is not your company main business and you have to rely on a lot of paperwork that contains language that you are not familiar with. Regardless paperwork, other challenges are the priceless time you can’t afford spend when it comes to valuable goods handling. For this, Aero Affinity comes with a package of solutions.


Warehouse Services (import/export) - You can keep your goods with us, and do not need to send anywhere else. We can handle the logistics according to your production schedule.


Aircraft Parts Shipment and Mail Handling - As we are in aviation business, we no like no one how aircraft parts can be sensitive and need special care. We can keep inventory of your aircraft parts, handle them and expedite it to your customer as we were a true extension of your business in the USA.


Load and Unload container - You need to ship and aircraft to a customer? Not sure if logistics will be handled properly? We take care that your container is loaded and unloaded under all necessary protocols.


Hangar Space Availability - You do not need to keep a hangar in the US all the year round if you are only shipping a few or a dozen planes a year. We can keep your aircraft stored while you transition with Airworthiness documentation, flight-tests, until you deliver it to your customer.


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