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Aero Affinity have built and invested in a select and experienced dedicated team that is very familiar with the US market and the customer behavior. We have been doing this for years. We offer your company a dedicated sales team capable to take care of your customer leads. We can also assist your brand to optimize your website and develop other marketing materials to reach for the US audience. Newsletters, Media Relations, Airshows, Showcases, Demo-flights, Magazines, Press Releases, you name it, we take care of it all for you.


Brand Awareness - Aero Affinity’s penetration in the market allows us to interact with key stakeholders and opinion makers in order to capitalize and optimize your brand awareness efforts in North America.


Airshows, Expos, Events - We can represent your company in events. If it requires logistics by flying your planes, seeing up your booth, etc. We have the capable manpower and are ready to throw up a shoe for your brand. You do not need to internationally fly your staff, provide lodging and all costly amenities involved. You just save money and focus on your production back home and we take care of the rest for you.


Demo-Flights - Aero Affinity can interact and provide demo flights for your customers and leads. To say, we find these leads for you, fly them and do our best to pitch your aircraft to them. We have a competent and experienced team of pilots and CFI.


Transition Training - On a side note when it comes to showcasing/flying your company’s plane, we can also provide basic and transition training for customers who want to log some hours before purchasing, or even after purchase, so your company do not need to send pilots or instructors to take care of this portion. We take care of it all, from start to end in-house, keeping your customer’s loyalty.


Professional Website Services - If your company do not have one, we can provide you a  professional sales and institutionally effective website, with optimized tools and adequate language dedicated for the US market. 


Social Media - We can assist you with Social Media content creation, as we can also display your information in our channels from time to time.


After Sales Relations - We take care of your brand image with your customers, therefore you do not need to invest your time in other thing that is not your production. We act as your brand ambassadors, or professionally "moral fiduciaries" for your brand amongst your customers.


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