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A Comprehensive video: TURBO Montaer MC-01 is a Light Sport MONSTER

Welcome friends. Today we share this very comprehensive video on the MONTAER by Florida Flying Channel, which did put in their words "This light sport airplane is a total GAME CHANGER. It is powerful, modern, comfortable and completely cool! Let me introduce you to the Brazilian turbocharged Montaer MC01. With Brazil becoming a major player in the aviation industry, it's no surprise that the Montaer MC01 is a great example of their airplane manufacturing expertise.

Drawing inspiration from the popular Paradise LSA and Tecnam high wing series, the Montaer boasts a unique design that offers enhanced comfort, safety, and performance. Its 141hp turbocharged Rotax 915is engine and DUC 4-bladed propeller deliver impressive power and a smooth ride. With a steel tubing frame and lightweight aluminum skin, you can feel the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the MC01. And a detail I personally love, the montaer incorporated yokes from top-of-the-line Beechcraft airplanes, which just adds to its premium feel. The Montaer MC01's interior is simple yet luxurious, which provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for pilots. The dual Garmin G3X glass cockpit is the centerpiece of the airplane's impressive technology, making it a serious contender for both light sport pilots and hard IFR cross-country aviators alike."

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