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An accessible technical support is key for the customer's satisfaction. Specially in a word-of-mouth environment, which is predominant in aviation. Aero Affinity is capable of taking care of every aspect of technical support with your customers.


Aircraft Setup - When your company ships an aircraft to the US, we can receive it, unload from the ship container, have it securely grounded, provide the arrival inspection, assemble the aircraft and provide the setup, so the aircraft is presentable to your customer.


Airworthiness Inspections - We can also submit the application and follow up the Airworthiness Inspection with the FAA DAR, representing your company or your customer in the inspections and complying with the DAR requests.


Test Flights - If any test flights, or Airworthiness phase two are required, we can also provide you with our experienced test pilots.


Final Assembly - Our Holding is capable to offer you final assembly capabilities. If you need to do the installation of engines, avionics or any other equipment after your aircraft arrives in the US, we have a complete team of A&Ps capable to take care of this mission for you.


Factory Extension - As a side note on the item above, our Holding can provide you “factory extension” capabilities, your factory can implement services in the US thru us, this way, adding an “Assembled in the USA” tag to your product and complying with the FAA directives.


Annuals Inspection - Aero Affinity provide annuals inspections for your customer, guaranteeing a continuous airworthiness and making sure your aircraft are flying.


Troubleshooting / Technical Support - Delivered a plane and it is in your warranty period? Now is when your headache starts. Minor troubleshooting can be very time consuming, mostly when you are overseas and with your hands tied up. Our professionals can take care of your customer and make sure that every warranty care is fairly solved.


Certification - Aero Affinity can help you to navigate the aircraft Certification path. As we have Certified our own brands in the past, we are very familiar with the FAA requirements and processes. We can provide you either consultancy services to fulfill your needs or do it from start to end.


A&P Services - We have a dedicated A&P team, composed mostly from military background with multiple certification to provide compliant maintenance and support to your customers.


Pre-Buy Inspections - We can provide all kinds of pre-buy and sale aircraft inspections and evaluation.


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