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Aero Affinity Holding Corporation

DeLand Airport Administrative Building

Aero Affinity Holding Corporation holds the rights to represent, sell, and service distinguished and prominent international aircraft brands in the United States. We also provide customers with flight training, aircraft maintenance services, consultancy and support.

Our company has invested in a select and experienced team of professionals with vast experience in Aviation.  These aviation professionals, many of whom have military backgrounds, have multiple certifications, business experience, and/or air operations training. 

We are strategically located at (KDED) DeLand Municipal Airport, DeLand, FL, the capital of Light-Sport Aviation and home of the busiest skydiving activities airport in the US. DeLand Airport is also the venue of one most prestigious annual Light-Sport events in the US, the Aero Showcase.


Another side-note about our address: DeLand is the county seat of Volusia County and is located just 20 miles from Daytona Beach, home of the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University which graduates hundreds of pilots and aeroautical engineers every year; also, DeLand is just 40 minutes away from Orlando, and one hour from the Space Coast and its Aerospacial Cluster. DeLand's location is a key and strategic convenience for any aeronautical business when it comes to suppliers, skilled labor, research and commercial connections.

Meet Our Team
DeLand Airport

DeLand Municipal Airport (KDED) is Aero Affinity's Home

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