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The Aero Affinity Care Program is a specialized service designed to provide aircraft owners and operators with comprehensive assistance, expert maintenance, emergency troubleshooting, and peace of mind.

This program is exclusively designed for owners and operators of the following brands: Tecnam, Montaer, Seamax, Aero Adventure, Magnus and Progressive Aerodyne Searey.

The Aero Affinity Care Program includes regular maintenance check-ups, annual condition inspection, repair warranty coverage for repairs performed by Aero Affinity, priority service, access to trusted repair facilities, expert technical support, detailed maintenance records, preventative maintenance reminders, exclusive benefits, regular newsletters and updates, technical training sessions, cost-saving suggestions, emergency troubleshooting services, comprehensive reports, fuel savings tips, safety and compliance support, referral program, and training at discounted rates.

The premium for the Aero Affinity Care Program is established at 2.5% of the aircraft's evaluated price. The premium can be paid in monthly installments or in full with a 5% discount. The program offer support coverage In case of repairs needed, with a deductible of 2.5% per claim.

The coverage period is one year and is renewable, and is subject to the laws of Florida.

The Aero Affinity Care Program is not intended to replace or serve as a substitute for aircraft insurance. The program is not an insurance policy and cannot be seen as such. Customers are responsible for obtaining and maintaining appropriate insurance coverage for their aircraft.

By enrolling in the Aero Affinity Care Program, customers acknowledge that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of the agreement and agree to be bound by them.

10 Reasons to join the
Aero Affinity Care Plan


Regular maintenance check-ups

We offer comprehensive assistance, expert maintenance and support, and peace of mind to customers who own and operate aircraft. The Program is designed to provide a range of services to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the Aircraft and its airworthiness.​ We provide, at our facilities, regular visual check-ups, to ensure the Aircraft is airworthy and in good condition.


Annual Condition Inspection 

Our price already includes your aircraft scheduled annual condition inspection.



We offer a discount of 10% on all services and products sold by Aero Affinity, calculated based on the retail price.


Services Warranty

We provide warranty coverage for services and repairs performed to the Aircraft by Aero Affinity to give the Customer peace of mind that they will not be responsible for unexpected repair costs.


Shared Expense

In case of necessary repair, the customer's maximum "out-of-pocket" expense is limited to deductible. 


Emergency Support

We provide emergency assistance services, including remote troubleshooting support or in-person assistance if feasible based on geographical location.


Records and Reminders

We keep derailed maintenance records for the Aircraft enrolled in the Program to ensure all required maintenance is performed in a timely manner - so you can keep your aircraft valuation. We also provide preventative maintenance reminders to ensure the Aircraft stays in good condition and to prevent the need for unexpected repairs. 


Priority Service

We provide priority service to Program members, ensuring faster service in the event of a repair need. We also provide access to trusted repair facilities. In the event of an unexpected issue with the Aircraft, Aero Affinity will provide emergency assistance services, including remote troubleshooting support or in-person assistance if feasible based on geographical location.​​


Referral Program

Members have the right to join in a referral program. A deduction of 5% of the Premium paid in form of credit will be granted for every member contact that enrolls in the Program.


Exclusive Benefits

We offer exclusive benefits and perks, such as access to distinguished airshows to encourage enrollment and loyalty. Our customers can also display aircraft  for sale in our brand events.

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