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What can we do for you?

"For aircraft owners, we are a one-stop-shop.

For aircraft businesses, we are a strategic bridge to the USA."

Aero Affinity is the solution your company needs to enter into the US market affordably. We understand that starting a business and launching operations in the USA while you are overseas can be extremely challenging and very costly. One mistake can cost your entire budget. Also, we know that finding partners requires trust, commitment and a balance of expectations from both sides. 

Now you can outsource services with us like we were an extension of your company in the USA. We handle everything from export/import solutions to commercial representation, from advocacy with Market stakeholders to logistics operations, from aircraft assembly to taking care of your customer, and everything in between.


Find below some of our services and solutions for your business:



Marketing & Sales

Customer Support

  • Concierge Services

  • Virtual Address (US Presence)

  • Public Relations

  • Advocacy Services

  • Financing Solutions

  • After-Sales

  • Fiduciary Services

  • Advisory Services

  • Insurance Solutions

  • Dedicated Sales Team

  • Demo-Flights

  • Brand Awareness

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing Creation and Development

  • Professional Aviation Website Creation

  • Social Media services

  • After-Sales​ Relations

  • Buy/Sell Inspections

  • Aircraft Setup for Customer Delivery

  • Annuals Inspection

  • Troubleshooting

  • Technical Support

  • A&P Services

  • Flight-Training and instruction


  • Aircraft Setup for inspections

  • Airworthiness Inspections applications and follow up

  • Test Flights

  • Final Assembly

  • Factory Extension Services

  • Annuals Inspection

  • Troubleshooting

  • Technical Support

  • A&P Services

  • Certification Consultancy


  • Warehouse services for import/export

  • Aircraft Parts Shipment and mailing handling

  • Aircraft load and unload from a ship container

  • Hangar Space Availability

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