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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

New Website with New Dates for the Aero Showcase 2022

Aero Affinity Holding Corporation has partnered with the City of DeLand to reimagine a major shift and exciting changes for the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase.

Under new management, the well-known “DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase” will give way to “Aero Showcase”, which allows the possibility to explore not only the Sport and Recreational aviation market but also other segments of General Aviation as well.

“We are excited that a local company, Aero Affinity Holding Corporation, has decided to take over and rebrand this event which will now promote not only sport aviation but all aviation related activities at our airport. I believe this will help us grow more jobs at the DeLand Airport,” said City of DeLand Mayor Robert F. Apgar.

International Aircraft Brands featured by Aero Affinity at DeLand Airport

As the new host of the showcase, Aero Affinity Holding Corporation ( already has plans to implement some expected changes to the Showcase: a new format and new dates for this year’s show just has been approved.

Aero Showcase will be held at the DeLand Municipal Airport on October 21-22, 2022 and the event site will utilize the Leigh Matusick Airport Management Center (Airport Administration Building) and its main ramp, located at 1000 Flightline Blvd, DeLand FL (KDED).

The Aero Showcase website is already live ( with updated and pertinent information for exhibitors, sponsors, and the general public. Buy your tickets, prepare for arrival, and get updates about the Aero Showcase 2022.

First launched in 2016, the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase quickly became a major draw for Sport and Recreational partners, pilots and enthusiasts in the southeastern United States. Earlier this year, Sport Aviation Manager Jana Filip resigned to take a different position in the aviation field. With her resignation, the City of DeLand decided to transfer the event to a DeLand-based, select and experienced team of aviation professionals.

Filip encouraged everyone to continue to support the showcase in its new format.

“As I bid farewell to DeLand, my heart is warm knowing there are some dedicated individuals poised to keep a form of the Showcase alive!” Filip said. “Every aviation event, no matter the size, requires a team to make it happen. To all of you that made up my dynamic team – Team Leaders, Volunteers, Exhibitors, Media, Suppliers – and made Showcase happen under my watch, thank you and please join me in support of the future Showcases."


Aero Affinity Holding Corporation holds the rights to represent, sell, and service distinguished and prominent international aircraft brands in the United States. They also provide customers with flight training, aircraft maintenance services, consultancy and support.

Aero Affinity has invested in a select and experienced team of professionals with vast experience in Aviation. These aviation professionals, many of whom have military backgrounds, have multiple certifications, business experience, and air operations training.

They are strategically located at DeLand Municipal Airport, Deland, FL (KDED), the capital of Sport Aviation and home of the busiest skydiving activities airport in the US.

DeLand is the county seat of Volusia County and is located just 20 miles from Daytona Beach, main campus of the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University which graduates hundreds of pilots and aeronautical engineers every year; also, DeLand is just 40 minutes away from Orlando, and one hour from the Space Coast and its Aerospacial Cluster.

DeLand's location is a key and strategic convenience for any aeronautical business when it comes to suppliers, skilled labor, research and commercial connections.

For further information:

Aero Affinity Holding Corporation:

Aero Showcase:

Phone: +1 (386) 345-AERO

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