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Aero Affinity Holding to Launch Innovative Aero Affinity Care Plan at Sun N Fun

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

DeLand, Florida - In a time of skyrocketing insurance premiums in the Light-Sport aviation market, Aero Affinity Holding, the premier aviation services company, is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary Aero Affinity Care Plan during Sun 'n Fun, from March 28 to April 02 in Lakeland, Florida.

The Aero Affinity Care Plan is a smart alternative for aircraft owners seeking to avoid high-premium costs associated with "airframe" or "hull" coverage. Although it is not intended to replace or serve as a substitute for aircraft insurance, the Care Plan presents an innovative solution to address potential airframe repair costs and keep aircraft maintenance in pristine condition when insurance costs make it prohibitive to fly or purchase a new aircraft.

(presentation video on the right)

The Aero Affinity Care Plan is a specialized service designed exclusively for owners and operators of select brands, such as Tecnam, Montaer, Seamax, Aero Adventure, Magnus, and Progressive Aerodyne Searey aircraft, providing them with comprehensive assistance, expert maintenance, emergency troubleshooting, and peace of mind.

This innovative program includes regular maintenance check-ups, annual condition inspections, repair warranty coverage, priority service, trusted repair facilities, expert technical support, detailed maintenance records, preventative maintenance reminders, exclusive benefits, regular newsletters and updates, technical training sessions, cost-saving suggestions, emergency troubleshooting services, comprehensive reports, fuel savings tips, safety and compliance support, and referral programs, among other benefits.

"At Aero Affinity Holding, we understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity and safety of aircraft with the peace of mind it brings to owners and operators. That is why we are thrilled to launch the Aero Affinity Care Plan, providing customers with the best support, maintenance, and service in class to keep their aircraft airworthy and in top condition", said Doma Andreka, pilot and one of the business partners at Aero Affinity Holding.

"We look forward to unveiling other brands to be sheltered under the Aero Affinity's Care Program umbrella in the near future", said Shalom Confessor, aircraft business manager, and also a business partner at Aero Affinity.

Alex Rolinski, an aircraft manufacturer, pilot, and owner of one of the brands represented by Aero Affinity, describes the Aero Affinity Care Plan as "one of the major programs that this industry needs. Having owned and flown multiple aircraft in the last 15 years, a dedicated and quality maintenance program grants such peace of mind that it allows the pilot to focus on just that: flying the aircraft. All of their concerns are alleviated.”

Customers can learn more and enroll in the Aero Affinity Care Plan during Sun N Fun at Booth SNF 007, located in the Main Display area, and take advantage of multiple exclusive benefits and discounts, provided by Aero Affinity, as well as assistance to sell aircraft in airshows or venues provided by Aero Affinity.

For more information about the Aero Affinity Care Plan and the exclusive benefits it offers, please visit or call (386) 345-2376.

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