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Heron Engines and Aero Affinity Holding Brings Revolutionary Engine Technology to the US Market

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

DeLand, FL - Heron Engines, the European provider of high-performance engine technology, and Aero Affinity Holding, a renowned aviation solutions provider, have announced a groundbreaking partnership that will see the introduction of revolutionary Turboprop engine technology to the US market. Additionally, Heron Engines has announced that they will be starting production of the compact GVA-130 turboprop for the experimental market in Greece in 2023.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for both companies as Heron's cutting-edge technology is now set to become available to customers across the United States, Canada, Central and South America thru Aero Affinity Holding. The Heron GVA-130 engine is a game-changing innovation for its unmatched efficiency, power, reliability, and price.

Aero Affinity Holding, with its vast network of industry contacts and resources, is ideally positioned to help bring the Heron engine to the American Continent. The company's extensive experience in aviation solutions, coupled with Heron's world-class engine technology, will enable them to offer customers an unparalleled level of performance and service.

GVA-130 Turboprop Heron Engine

"We have worked with the amazing team of Heron Engines for almost a year to bring the GVA-130 turboprop to the US market. Aero Affinity is ready to receive orders starting at Sun 'n Fun 2023 and provide firewall-forward kits for different types of aircraft," says Doma Andreka, who is a pilot and business partner at Aero Affinity. "We are proud to serve all customers at our HQ in DeLand, FL, and provide an affordable solution to fly a turboprop-powered plane."

The Heron engine is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of industries, from recreational aviation to turbine flight training. Its superior performance, weighing only 88 pounds with a 3,000 TBO and efficiency, make it an ideal choice for customers who demand the very best in engine technology. Now, with the announcement of the GVA-130 engine, Heron Engines is making its mark on the sub-150 HP category.

The GVA-130 is a turbine with a single compressor and two axial stages. It does not use a recuperator as Heron judges those as not worth the weight, cost, or complexity at this end of the market. The gearbox features three gears, two in a planetary for the gear reduction and the third as a quick-change feature for rapidly configuring the core engine to different airframes, especially between fixed-wing and helicopter applications. The GVA-130 engine is rated at 130 hp, carries a service ceiling of 28,000 ft, and burns just about anything you pour in it, although JET-A is obviously preferred. Quoted fuel burn is 10.5 gph. Heron is currently working through certification and final detail testing, so the numbers might change slightly, but you get the idea.

"We are stunned to partner with Heron Engines to bring this thrilling lightweight turboprop technology to the US market," said Shalom Confessor, Aviation Business Manager of Aero Affinity Holding. "This cutting-edge engine technology will be disruptive in the experimental and recreational industry with a winning combination of power, efficiency, and reliability associated with a very affordable price. Our customers demand the highest level of performance and reliability, and the Heron engine delivers on all fronts. This partnership will enable us to offer customers a truly superior product that sets the standard for engine technology."

Certainly, the numbers surrounding the GVA-130 engine are attention-getting. For pre-orders, the price of $35,000 with accessories is much less than expected for a turbine, even a small one. Heron anticipates the price will rise into the mid $40,000 range once in full production, but that is still affordable for any sort of personal aircraft engine and sets the bottom of the market for turbines.

According to Alex Rolinski, who is a pilot, A&P with turbine experience, and also Aero Affinity Business Partner, "One of the main advantages of the Heron engine is its fuel efficiency. It has the ability to consume less fuel while still producing the same amount of power as other engines, making it more economical to operate. Additionally, the Heron engine has a high power-to-weight ratio, which means that it can produce significant amounts of power while being relatively lightweight."

Heron Engines and Aero Affinity Holding have announced that they have already received more than a dozen pre-orders from US customers, and both companies are committed to providing customers with the best engine technology, support, installation solutions, and service. With this partnership, customers across the United States will now have access to the most advanced engine technology on the market.

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